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Smile Stories

Emily's Smile Story

Emily, age 17, came to us in hopes we could fix her peg lateral teeth before her upcoming prom. We all wanted to see her with the smile she deserved. Though, financially, porcelain veneers were not an option for Emily's family, we were very successful with composite veneers. Here, you can appreciate the natural look of the final result; more importantly this was accomplished same day start to finish.

Malcom'S Smile Story

Malcolm, age 50, began to concern about his smile after noticing some wear and that the length of each tooth was getting shorter. He mentioned they were chipping away slowly and that cracks had appeared on his front teeth.

After a thorough examination, I explained how his worn teeth had lost their effectiveness in regards to chewing and that they would need extra protection to prevent further breakage, or eventually flat teeth. A full mouth rehabilitation was recommened and followed through with, resulting in this beautiful before & after set.

At his routine follow-up exam 6 months later, Malcom said, "I'm really happy witht the results and it is a day and night difference. I feel younger and more confident, not to mention I enjoy my food way more without pain."

Melanie'S Smile Story

Melanie, an eager and upcoming bride, was interested in doing something about the "black triangle" in between her two front teeth.

"After my braces, this happened, and though I'm happy with how the braces fixed the rest, now I see this black spot in all of my photos. I'm getting married soon and would love to have this fixed."

It took no time at all to make her very happy with the results of Cosmetic Bondings.

Brittany'S Smile Story

Brittany, an actress, was interested in full-blown smile makeover. From the moment we discussed Porcelain Veneers, she knew that was what she wanted and was very excited to proceed. She said that after having braces in her youth, her teeth had developed yellow spots and she overall didn't like the look of her teeth.

Brittany was thrilled with these beautiful results and couldn't stop looking at her own smile!

Antonio'S Smile Story

Antonio, a humble and hard worker, was interested in fixing his broken front teeth, however, his work schedule wouldn't allow it. Hence, when informed we could fix his teeth with same-day crowns he was relieved and happy.

After the work was done, Malcolm couldn't stop noticing his beaming smile. He is one of many patients we've helped thanks to CEREC Same-Day Crown.

T.'S Smile Story

Our patient, T., was unfortunate in loosing two of her teeth in an accident. After growing sick and tired of her partial denture and constantly feeling self-concious when she smiled or spoke, she came to us with interest in replacing it with something more permanent.

Dental Implants were our best solution for this scenario, so we placed two implants along with using gum grafting, and T. was very pleased with her resulting smile.

She said, "I'm fortunate that all the work can be done (in Sierra Gate Family Dental) under one roof from start to finish."

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