SureSmile® Aligners

Our dentist and team are committed to delivering the highest quality orthodontic care, and that includes utilizing the cutting-edge technology of SureSmile® aligners. Dr. Ardalan Keshtkar and our team harnesses the precision of SureSmile aligners to create beautifully aligned smiles.

SureSmile Aligner Technology

SureSmile aligners are a state-of-the-art orthodontic system that combines 3D imaging, digital treatment planning and robotically bent archwires. This advanced technology allows us to provide more accurate and efficient orthodontic treatment, reducing treatment time and discomfort.

Benefits of SureSmile

SureSmile offers numerous benefits, including shorter treatment durations, fewer adjustments and improved comfort. The precise customization of your treatment plan ensures that you achieve a stunning smile with exceptional accuracy.

Other benefits of SureSmile aligners include:

  • Clear and nearly invisible aligners for a discreet appearance.
  • Improved comfort with smooth, customized aligners.
  • Reduced treatment time compared to traditional braces.
  • Precise and predictable tooth movement.
  • Fewer office visits and shorter treatment duration.
  • Enhanced convenience with removable aligners.
  • No dietary restrictions, as aligners are removable during meals.
  • Improved oral hygiene due to easy aligner removal for brushing and flossing.

Experience SureSmile Precision

Discover the advantages of SureSmile technology. Contact Sierra Gate Family Dental today at 916-784-0900 to schedule a consultation for SureSmile aligners in Roseville, California. Our experienced and professional team is ready to introduce you to this cutting-edge orthodontic solution, ensuring that your orthodontic journey is as efficient and effective as possible. Elevate your smile with us!